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A little about me…I graduated from Cazenvoia College , moved to California where I had my first big girl job working for the largest golf management in Southern California as their graphic designer.Family is super important to me so I moved back to NY where I’m looking tostart my own family and settle down a bit. Get a good gig and grow within a company.

The easiest way to put things is I work hard so my dog and ferret can have a good life. Just kidding, but really I keep busy with work and am always looking to help people with whatever their needs may be.

I like to keep busy so I am constantly doing freelance jobs, everything from invitations, posters, t-shirt designs, blogs, and social media management. But yes, I do other things besides work, whether its heading to the baseball stadium, a beach, going for a hike or even just having a cook out with family and friends.


Social Media Management
Microsoft Office
Web Design
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Email Marketing-Bronto